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A better way to compare multiple modes of transport & book your ride using cabs.

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Help you to find/compare the multiple modes of travel from source to destination in effective & efficient way.

About CabsConnect App

CabsConnect app help you find the closest available cabs and public transport options around you and compare based on Price and estimated time of arrival.

It compares the different transport modes to provide the most efficient, cost effective and quickest available options.

cabsconnect helps users to book Ola & Uber and find other different mode of travel options. It also help to avoid surge pricing on different traveling modes.

Current travel modes include Cabs & Public Transport, seamless booking.

**All fares and estimated time of arrival’s listed are indicative only and not actual. Fares shown are only estimates and actual fares may vary. cabsconnect shall not be liable in case any difference in fares arises as this is for informational purposes only.

**Please do not contact us regarding ride inquiries, pickups, or drop-offs. We don’t add any commission, so you always get the best prices.

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